Nancy Carter - Trustee

I had a 35-plus year career as a Family Physician (GP) in the US, working as an employee of a large not-for-profit Washington state healthcare cooperative. In the 1990s I added medical management to my clinical work, leading a team of MDs, physician assistants and nurse practitioners/ prescribers. This further required coordination with managers for the lab, radiology, physiotherapy, optometry, nursing and business staff who shared our facility. Ongoing training in health care economics, leadership skills, physician management, evidence-based medical practices, Lean systems, medical facility design, electronic medical records design and implementation, and communication skills kept me active until I retired in 2012. Thereafter I did some locum tenens work, learned Italian and volunteered with several political action, climate justice and social justice groups.

My husband and I were fortunate to be able to move to New Zealand in 2017, prior to the birth of our second grandchild in Auckland city.  We love being active grandparents, and exploring the natural beauty and culture of our new home. We moved to Waiheke in 2019. Having met in a small island sailing and artists community in NewYork City in 1975, Waiheke feels very much like coming back to our roots.

If you see me out and about in my blue and white flowered mask, please introduce yourself and share your thoughts on how to create the best possible health care for our motu.