Debbie Yar dley

Debbie Yardley - trustee

My career to date has spanned marketing, customer experience and communications, in the UK and, since 2000,  New Zealand, across many industries, including IT, telco, retail, social enterprises, running my own marketing businesses and then choosing to specialise in the health care sector.

I’m currently working at Southern Cross Healthcare as Head of Engagement and have previously held senior management roles at Green Cross Health, New Zealand’s largest provider of health care services encompassing The Doctors medical centres, Unichem, Life Pharmacy and Access Community Health within the group.

Having worked alongside many boards and undertaken formal training offered by the Institute of Directors, I’m growing my skills into governance roles and being able to give my time and experience as a Trustee is a privilege.

I moved to Waiheke in 2003 with a 6-month old and have never looked back – I couldn’t imagine a better place to raise a family and my now almost grown-up children attended daycare and schools on the motu. I value the diversity of the community, understand many of the challenges and the changes occurring and want to contribute to providing the best health care services possible to everyone here.